Four MA.R.CH. Pilots Rock Bulgaria!

In March and April 2016 four MA.R.CH. pilots were organized in Bulgaria. More than 1700 students, 220 teachers and educators took active part!

The first pilot was a Science Day, organized on the 12th of March in the American College of Sofia. More than 150 students and 25 teachers took part!

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The second pilot was a Science Day, dedicated to Geography and Geophysics in the city of Kazanlak in the period 16-17 April 2016. More than 160 students, 90 teachers and 105 university students were present!

IMG_5880 IMG_5440 IMG_5540 IMG_4829

The other two pilots were organized in the city of Vidin. Vidin is the poorest region in the EU, thus a Science Day (actively involving more than 1140 students and 87 teachers) and a Cafe Scientifique Junior (for 200 high school students and 8 teachers) helped show that STEM disciplines are a good career choice.

Science Day:

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Cafe Scientifique Junior:

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Do YOU want to submit a pilot?

Please do so by checking the official MA.R.CH. website (, consulting the Guide for Teachers and send us your Pilot event until the 6th of October at



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